To the average person, math and music may not seem like a good combination. Most people probably don’t know how these two things (math and music) go together. Unless you’ve studied music theory in depth, or read some Pythagorean literature about the Music of the Spheres, you’ve probably never thought about the relationship between mathematics of music. But the relationship between these two things is intense and fascinating. Through hands-on activities or online workshops, kids can learn about math using real-world applications involving sound. 

We’ve built a “laboratory” for experimentation with sound, lighting, special effects, and other theatrics and we’ll be putting this lab to good use starting in 2021. John Shipp will be leading a math lab at our worldschool hub and he’s got all kinds of tricks up his sleeve to keep the course interesting for students. Back in the day, John was a professional musician who worked daily with sine waves and sound quality (since he worked a lot with electronic instruments) and he’s an expert level computer programmer and web developer too. By combining his knowledge of math and logic with his experiences as a youth touring with bands and performing on-stage as a bassist, keyboardist, vocalist, and guitarist makes it easy for him to combine music and math into one class. He’s worked a lot with music theory and now he’s developed fun lab activities to distill both music and math to make numbers more comprehensible for kids of all ages. The goal of these lessons is to help kids understand both music theory as well as math concepts.

The math lab will be hands-on and take place online. The goal of the course will be to teach complex mathematical concepts that kids typically struggle with and give them another way to understand the material. Each course is designed to work with students at an appropriate age level so that they can understand the material easily.

For more information about the Math lab at the Devela Worldschooling Community, contact Jennifer Shipp at

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