About Devela Worldschool

Devela is a global community of worldschooling families who come together in different locations to learn together and work together to make the world a better place

About Our Worldschool Community in Mexico

We organize an annual interactive theatrical event at a large park in Guanajuato, Mexico during the Halloween/Dia de los Muertos season. All classes and events that take place during this season are related in some way to the park, Mexican culture, or to the Halloween event specifically. Classes will sometimes involve local students from the community and we strive to create dynamic discussions and hands-on events that can benefits all students via this world school exchange.


Some of the classes that we offer through our worldschool hub involve performance opportunities during the Halloween event. During the 2 month preparatory period prior to the Halloween event, we offer a comprehensive schedule of classes including art, music, theater, language, and math classes that constitutes a seasonal world school academy that's focused on learning through the arts. Students can participate in one or many classes based on their interests and schedules.


About Our Myanmar Worldschool Programs

Our Myanmar worldschool hub is currently in the development phase, but as with our Mexico programs, our goal is to create dynamic in-person classes and events that will give worldschooling families the opportunity to not only better understand the people of Myanmar and their culture, but also to worldschooled kids. At the same time, our goal is to benefit the Burmese people through education and culture exchange. 


Contact us here for more information if you're interested in visiting Myanmar between mid-November 2020 and mid-February 2021.