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What is Devela Worldschool?

The worldschooling movement has gained a tremendous amount of momentum over the past decade. As more and more parents realize the value of a global education, they’ve also realized the importance of making meaningful connections with other members of worldschooling communities. Though Facebook and other social media have made it easier than ever to connect, children and teens tend to derive the most powerful benefits of socialization from face-to-face contact with others.


Devela provides worldschooling resources and curricula that have been developed by Jennifer Shipp, master’s level expert in child and family psychology who works professionally as a writer. She and her husband, John, homeschooled their daughter, who is now an adult. They were a worldschool family before the term “worldschooling” even existed! They worked with foster children for 8 years as licensed foster parents in Nebraska and they also worked with kids through large events (School District 13 Haunted Attraction and Cornstalk as well as martial arts schools they owned in Kansas, Nebraska, and Colorado). Over the years, they’ve developed programs to specifically address the challenges of education and the emotional terrain that teenagers encounter as they navigate adolescence.



As an ex-pro musician and lighting and sound designer, John Shipp has taught kids of all ages how to not only play a variety of instruments, but also how to design sound and lighting environments that evoke different emotions. He’s a well-known computer programmer during the day, and he combines his mathematical know-how with music theory to help kids learn applied math in a fun environment. John and Jennifer's daughter is also a musician and she works professionally with a music and theater group called the estudiantina in Guanajuato.


Lydian was worldschooled and homeschooled throughout her entire childhood except for one semester in public schools (she desperately wanted to experience what all the other kids were doing--but she hated it). She knows what it’s like to leave everything behind and she appreciates that this was her experience growing up. Her insights are really valuable to us now that she’s a fully-fledged, married adult. The experiences and musings that we had traveling abroad with Lydian are detailed in our Bruised Banana worldschooling blog.


Lydian and her husband Naing Naing live in Burma (also known as Myanmar) for part of the year. As a Myanmar native, Naing Naing has backstage access to this emerging destination. We are currently developing Myanmar worldschooling resources for families who are willing to get off the beaten path with their travels and visit this incredible destination. Anyone who’s interested in updates on the Myanmar worldschool hub can contact us here for more information or to be placed on our email list.

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